Why Should You Volunteer for SIFF

SIFF is run just by a bunch of few hundred volunteers who do this besides their regular work along with dealing with their false cases. To scale the men’s rights movement in India we need more volunteers from different backgrounds, skills across various states and cities.

By volunteering for us you will not only help our movement you will also feel empowered to fight your own false cases effectively. We do not expect volunteers to work for more than 3-4 hours a week and you can always step down from volunteering whenever you feel like.

How Can You Volunteer for SIFF

You can volunteer for SIFF in one or many areas as per your skills and availability. We need volunteers in the following areas.


You can help us in our physical activism on ground in your local area or you can participate in online activism on Twitter

First Level Counsellors

You can take our training to become first level counsellor and help male victims by providing counselling & guidance


We require coordinators to help us run our operations in various departments, like organizing online meets, local meets, planning activism, etc.

Blog & Content Writing

You can contribute towards writing articles, press releases for SIFF and other content in English and regional languages.

Creative Content Creation

If you are creative you can produce contents for social media like memes, small videos, music etc.

YouTuber / Video Editor

If you are a YouTuber or Video Editor you can work for our video projects.

Comedian / Artist

If you are a standup comedian or artist, you can spread the word of our movement with comedy and skits.

Graphics Designer

We need graphics designers to design logos, banners, T-Shirts, merchandise, etc. for SIFF campaigns

Tech / IT Support

We need people from Tech and IT background to help us manage our website and provide technical solutions to streamline our operational work

Other Volunteering Ideas

If you have any other idea on how you can volunteer for us or support SIFF community then please feel free to pitch the idea.

Are You Ready to Volunteer?

If you are willing to volunteer with SIFF then please reach out to the SIFF coordinator of your region/city on the next page and you will be on-boarded accordingly to our team