What is Save India Family Foundation

Founded in 2005, Save India Family Foundation (SIFF) is a non-funded, non-profit, non-governmental organization that advocates for gender-neutral laws in India and actively voices against the misuse of 498a, Domestic Violence laws as a weapon of legal extortion by women. SIFF has a presence in over 50 cities across India.

How Can We Help You ?

Are you a victim of false cases of 498a, DV, etc. or are you facing domestic violence at the hands of your wife and in-laws or are you having child custody issues? Don’t worry you are not alone, the SIFF community is with you. Our volunteers at SIFF provide free counseling to the male victims and give them training for stress management and legal guidance. We turn victims into fighters. 

Join Our Community

SIFF is the biggest men’s rights community NGO in India. After joining our online and local offline communities you not only get guidance but you find new brothers with whom you have great fun. Come and join our SIFF family and start living a stress-free life, don’t worry we will fight your case together.