Women using media to victimize men

| September 2, 2015

Media is a powerful medium to put across one’s voice across masses and generate response. Media has played instrumental role for making amendments in Indian constitution. Amendment in Juvenile law and Jessica Lal murder cases are the best example for it. Views and opinion of masses was shared by media with decision makers for seeking their attention to the problem. But today media is being misused vehemently by a section of the society and there is no body to question them.

Wondering what I am talking about? In past few month women has been misusing the media to gain instant popularity. Posting pictures on social media about a man who has outraged a woman’s honor or a female morning walker followed by a man, who has shown his private parts to her. These could be genuine cases but before sharing these things with our network on social media, how many of us validate the claim mentioned by the applicant or the person who has posted it? None of us do it, as we assume it to be true. As it has been shared by someone from our friend list.

In case newspaper comes out with an article which is fabricated, they have to apologize for it but the same is not followed in social media. All stories presented in social media have two version but we tend to believe the version of the woman and react. Why we never share the story of the man? When we are listening to what a woman saying, we should also listen to man’s version as well. Then decide who is right.

If a girl wants to know details about a handsome guy whom she has seen at a traffic signal or mall, all she needs to do is to click his pic and share it on social media, stating he misbehaved with me and entire world will be behind that guy. Poor guy for no mistake of his, he will be treated like a criminal till he comes clean out of the controversy. Can people give that guy, the days he lost due to this controversy? Nobody can do that. What punishment will be awarded to the girl who did it? Nothing, WHY? She misused a medium for selfish motive and hampered the life an innocent guy. These things clearly state that women want a world only for themselves sans men. The society is supporting them knowing or unknowingly.

There are incidents where a man’s honor has been outraged by a woman, how many times these stories are shared on social media? And same weightage is given when posted by women. The answer we tend to believe a woman more than men. That is the reason why MEN are being victimized not only in media but also by judiciary.

I think now time has come for men to stand for their right and raise voice when they are targeted in public for no mistake of theirs. The more men keep quite, the more they will tortured and harassed by the women minded society, who want a male child to run the family tree but don’t stand by him when he needs them the most.

Second reason for increase in such fabricated stories doing round of social media is the lack of stringent punishment for woman who harm men. This strengthens the morale of woman to come with such stories. If a woman is punished for her wrong doing others will think twice before doing such things.

The way law has been made for women empowerment exactly in the same way law should be made for men empowerment as well.

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