Women are weaker than men : A perfect universal myth

| January 27, 2015

Now when someone says that women are weaker than men, I can control my laughter. It came with a lot of practice though.

But what I cannot control is the question ‘how is that’ ? Then everything goes back to 16th century. Women were considered a sex object, they were suppressed, no education.. blah blah blah.

Hello, this is 21st century. Talk for today.

OK. Lets first discuss the  16th century. Women were not educated ? Who said so ? Akbar married Jodhabai. Was Jodha uneducated ? I heard she was very very well educated. On the contrary, Akbar was not. To people who will advocate against me with the fact that she was literate because she was in the royal family, please present me with the data about how much percentage of ‘not royal family’ men were educated ?  I will agree that the education system was not available for the common people that time, but there was no gender biasing.

I can give many other points on other such myths, but lets not do it. I have just one question. ‘ What is this weakness we are talking about’ ?

Is it physical weakness? Men are physically stronger than women. Is this the concern ? Are you kidding me ? I believe then you should fight with the nature  because it is natural.

This is as stupid as someone puts a question that why elephants are stronger than man. Dude, it is because they are elephants. Nature made them so. Do not blame elephants for their strength. They never asked for it. But they bear it with responsibilities.

And yes, if men are physically stronger, so they also take the responsibilities. They are natural protectors. They pull rickshaws, they carry weights and they do all sort of physical hard work we can imagine.

Are women mentally weaker ? Well, if you even argue on this, you are mentally weak yourself. So, nothing to discuss here.

What about being socially weak ? Here, I can say that the support of society means that whether it stands with you or not, when you are against anyone. And the best mirror of society is reflected in laws. Lets compare it with some real case scenarios.

What society and laws say to a girl ?

1. If someone glares at you for more than 2 minutes, he will go to jail.

2. If someone will have sex with you without marrying, he will go to jail.

3. If your husband and in-laws point a finger at you, they will go to jail.

4. Above 3 points are applicable just if you say so, no proofs needed.

5. You can study for free. You will get jobs easily, with less marks and less efforts.

6. You will get seats in vehicles. A boy with fever will offer his seat to you.

The list goes on.

What society and laws say to a boy ?

1. Be a man.

Yes, that is it. No favors, no trials. Just a lame excuse – be a man. And expect him to bear all the pain and blame.

So, who is socially weak, I am pretty clear. Are you ?

And lets get to the last comparison. Are women emotionally weaker ?

Are you expecting a yes this time? Sorry my friend, my answer  is ‘NOT AT ALL’. Surprised ? Lets check some facts then.

Tell me how many fights in the history were between women armies ? None, because men are emotionally weak enough to sacrifice their lives in the name of country, family or anything. Women were smart enough to escape all this and  join the winners.

Tell me why, in case of accidents, like TITANIC, the common slogan is ‘Women and children first’ ? Because what men care least about is themselves. Now that is emotion. Boarding the lifeboat with tears in the eyes and saying ‘I love you, Take care’, we have Oscars for these dramatic acts.

The natural ability to ‘CRY AT WILL’ is not an emotion. It is a trap, a talent.

Well, I am pretty confused about what this ‘weakness‘ is. If you have a definition for this, please define in comments. And please mention your gender. Let me see how many men are actually in favor that ‘women are weaker‘. I expect more number will be of men because, as I stated above, they are emotionally weaker than women.

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