Woah! Gender politics makes a cameo in the movie of Spirituality!

| January 23, 2015
I came across a video of Mr. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a self-proclaimed enlightened fellow human being, founder of Isha Yoga regarding the topic of “Declining worship of the feminine”.  To be honest, I was angered by the video.  Watch it for yourself here.

The points he expressed in the video and my views regarding those points are given below.
"More than 6 million women who were burnt at stake, in a period of two hundred years, in Europe alone."
  1. I hope Mr. Sadhguru refers to the alleged witch killings between the period 1450 – 1750.  Sorry part of this statement is that it is a lie and a hoax at the same time.  A reasonable and relatively well accepted estimate of the number of “witches” burnt during this period is 35,000.    Not 6 million!
  2. Probably, Mr. Sadhguru subscribes to the unscientific “Nine Million Women” hoax, which is an example of illogical, mad extrapolation of numbers, and recollected the number 6 instead of 9.
  3. Interesting fact to note here: Out of the “witches” burnt, a well-quoted research says that not all were women.
“These are all women of some capability.  Once they have some capability, people will gather around them.  When people gather around them and find solutions, you cannot organize your project.”

  1. How did Mr. Sadhguru know that they were of some capability? I am not saying that witch-hunt was right.  I am just questioning the “assumption” that the burnt witches were women of some “capability”.
  2. Interestingly, a historian writes the following about the so called “capabilities”.“An authority of the time wrote: “Women take part nude and dishevelled … [They] dance indecently, feast ardently, copulate diabolically, sodomize execrably, blaspheme scandalously, take revenge insidiously, search after every horrible, dirty, brutal desire, hold dear to themselves toads, vipers, lizards, and all sorts of fish, approach a goat ardently caressing him amorously, coming to him and copulating with him horribly and lecherously. Sabbaths were “known” to take place everywhere; sometimes they were huge meetings, which a thousand or more witches attended. The great distances involved…”
  3. The same author also writes the following about who were mostly classified as witches.“… companion. This is probably a true picture of the majority of those who were burned. Most were elderly village women who for one reason or another – by threat or curse, or simply by appearance had aroused fear and dislike among their neighbours. Even the…”
  4. There have been no evidences to the claim that “These women were of some capability”.

“Probably, India and a few other Asian countries are the only countries where the feminine is under-worshiped.  Otherwise, if you look at the temples of Europe, Arabia and everywhere, they are full of Goddess temples.”

  1. Many major religions, except for Hinduism and Catholic Christianity, prohibit idol worship.
  2. There have been a lot of Goddesses in many cultures around the world.
  3. Mother is considered the first God by many cultures.  Is mother not a feminine symbol?

“As far as women are concerned, last 1600 years have been one of the worst times in the history of humanity for women.  Yes, believe me! “

  1. Last 1600 years? Compared to what period?  One must know that the evolution of history is like the evolution of the resolution of cameras.  First known historical records were like our VGA cameras.  Less detail and less definition.  Later, as the technology progressed, history’s resolution increased, recent history is now more than a HD camera, with the advent of online news articles.
  2. In the last 1600 years, many good things happened for women.  Their daily life became easier compared to olden days.  Inventions like electricity, washing machine, dish washer, pressure cooker, etc made them perform their traditional gender roles with less hardships.
  3. Feminism, as a support system of women and the one against males, started in the recent years.  It did not originate in pre-historic ages. (I am with you if you would call Feminism as the ‘worst time’ for women, though. )
  4. Yes, we “believe” you, don’t worry about that!  We will not question your statements!
  5. I did not need any reference articles for the above points, because these are world-wide-known truths.
I am stunned to see people bring gender politics even into the ‘worship’ arena.  I deeply regret this kind of speeches by a so-called self-proclaimed enlightened being, who shows himself as not funded by any political or sociological factions!  RIP logical thinking!  Hail Misandry!
P.S: I don't subscribe to creationism.

The Views are of the author and not of the admins of site.


Editorial Note:

The editors are of the view that inherently societies, traditions, and customs treat men as disposable entities and all human progress has been a result of men’s sacrifices. Human civilizations are built on dead bodies of men even though historical evidences empirically puts women at peril at the cost of jeopardy of data.


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  1. Vijayaragavan C says:

    I think the above article is ill-researched and written without understanding the context of the video:
    1) 6 million women who were burnt

    I am not sure about the source where sadhguru read about witch killings. But as per your figure 35,000 itself is a whopping large amount of women. I don’t want to argue whose figures are accurate – the pro feminists or the masculists. The point is lot of women witches were killed.

    The context was how feminine worship was destroyed. I do agree that male witches were also killed. In larger context, the whole pagan culture of multi god worship was destroyed. You know about the alleged “La Sara Kali” festivals.

    So the point is that there was women worship before Christianity was made an organized religion, and eventually women worship was suppressed. That is something that we can’t deny.

    Jesus was made to appear as a man who was born out of a virgin women and his alleged affairs with mary magdaline was not let out. Essential idea is that a man who mates with a woman or is born out of man-woman mating can’t be a god 😛 This was the pervert mentality

    2) Capability here refers to spiritual capability. And unfortunately there is no way to measure that :p Definitely no historical proofs can be collected through internet. May be we can travel to local places and talk to some people and try the luck.

    But there are proofs that there were witches. A women is called a witch because she has some extra capabilities that normal humans do not have.

    I agree that witch craft or tantric process has weird rituals associated with it, and i believe it is not of anyone’s business to comment about individual rituals whatever one chooses to practice.

    I think the historian who wrote that these women were a threat to neighbors could be a christian at heart. There is a reason why i say this. Similar rituals have been conducted in India for ages, and even now i am aware of a few places. But there was no danger or threat to any public. But socially this is not something that all can accept, and there could have been some resistances due to that in those periods as well. I don’t deny that.

    I’m sure i can get you couple authors who are historians and pro feminism, anti christian, who might have written otherwise too. That reference to some book – I am unable to accept as authority

    3) There is a typo in your blog: “feminine is under-worshiped.” This is actually not it. It is:

    “feminine is under-worship.”

    Typos are common, but this one changed the very meaning 🙂 So just pointed out…

    4) Please Google – pre-islamic arabian goddess and pre-christian goddess worship – and you will see a lot of references about how women were worshiped in those cultures before abrahamic religions took over

    So essentially the context of the video was referring to pre-islamic or pre-christian era.

    So you saying Islam and Christianity do not allow idol worship is out of context.

    Moreover, in Hadith there was stories and even in koran there are verses, that say that the holy kaaba (mecca) had many deities (gods, planets and women deities too)- and they were all broken and the only central stone was left ! which is worshiped today.

    So there are evidences for pre-abrahamic religion goddess worship


    5) Last 1600 years were worst for women. Could possibly be true in religious or spiritual contexts. Because the video was solely about that.

    It was not about washing machines and household works of women or technological impacts on household works.

    So basically you are picking up a statement somewhere from in between and giving lots of out of context explanations.

    I know that ancient women sages – mythreyi said to have lived 200 years ago (by VGA cameras) – wore sacred thread and took renunciation or sanyas.

    Then later women were prohibited from such things. They cant take sanyas, they cant leave their husband. But men can go as they wish :p Men can wear cared threads and appear more religious in front of others but women’s menstrual cycles were also looked down upon and they were not allowed for festivals during those times. You should be aware of this.

    There was sati system and there was female infanticide. These prevented women to live a liberal and spiritual life. In this context, yes women were suppressed for 1600 years, perhaps… till 1960s or 70s…

    Now they are slowly coming out of shackles of slumbers… very good….

    So please quote things in context of the video- do not say something without point.


    My point is – this whole Men’s right activism is good. It tries to create awareness on legal issues pertaining to male exploitation – definitely good cause

    But to drive this cause with women hatred or hatred on anything that praises women is very wrong. I also see hatred on anyone who speaks historical facts about ill treatment of women. I see republic day celebration being questioned, as kejriwal did last year 😉

    I would request the blogger and the team of activists to work constructively, without hate in hearts 🙂 That will make you guys appear more sensible and acceptable in the society – that is when you can take your ideas to large masses. Otherwise only victims will gather – and you may not be able to reach more people.

    wishing good luck for your good intentions


  2. Admin says:


    You want the readers to focus on the context of an atrocity and crime against humanity rather than the statistic. In fact, most male readers do ignore the statistics and would love to fantasize women’s vulnerability. But, soon one big elephant gets into the room, which everyone tends to ignore, when this propagation of fake statistics becomes a ritual and anyone questioning these statistics is termed a male chauvinist and hate mongering bigot.

    The list of fake statistics goes on:

    1) 106,000 women die in fire accidents in India every year.
    – Time Magazine

    2) 7000 women are burnt for dowry every year in India.
    -Numerous Newspapers.

    3) Women do 70% of world’s work.

    4) 1000 women are burnt for dowry in Bangalore, which is bride burning capital of India.

    5) 70% of women in India face domestic violence in India.
    -Fake statistics in Indian and international news media.

    6) 50 million women in India are missing.

    -Amartya Sen

    And this one takes the cake…

    6) 100 million (10 crore) women and girls in India were trafficked for prostitution in year 2009 alone.

    -Trust Law, Thomson Reuter’s Foundation and numerous newspapers.

    Now, Jaggi Vasudev adds new fake statistics and wants millions of his followers to “believe” him.

    Certainly as men’s issues experts, we will oppose propagation of all such fake statistics in whatever best possible way we can. We think this is a kind of info-war, we are being unnecessarily dragged into and we will fight it.

    About Men’s Rights Movement, please understand one thing.

    The men’s movement is no longer a mere reaction to the massive scale of human rights violations of men in India under false dowry and false rape cases.

    The men’s movement today seeks to eliminate the age old misandry and male disposability, where men’s lives are devalued and their sufferings are ignored, not just by women, but by men themselves.

    The society itself firmly believes in male disposability and it appoints the powerful alpha males to exploit and keep majority of men disposable through cultural brainwashing.

    The men’s movement seeks to engage not only women and feminists, but also it engages men at different strata of the society and educates them to bring compassion to men and stop considering half of men in this world as evil.

    A lot of awful things happened to our ancestors due to wars and bigotry. The progress of human society happened on dead bodies of men. So, such a society will not easily accept any attempt by us to reduce the male disposability. It is be futile for us to seek the misandrous society’s approval for bringing compassion to men.

    Regarding Republic Day, we will not celebrate it, because we do not believe in big phallus like missiles and war rhetoric, where in we are indoctrinated into believing that the men in Pakistan and China were somehow evil and we are good.

    A nation, which does not follow its own constitution and violates all international conventions on human rights to harm innocent men, loses respect from these young men. We will not worship a constitution, which is not followed. We will not celebrate Republic Day of a country that treats us as second class citizens denying us the right to justice.

    And we will not plead the age old anti-male society and alpha males running this country to have sympathy on us. We will not beg them to give us a hearing.