Why no punishment for misuse of Section 498a in the court of law?

| April 23, 2015

Woman through metal pattern.Since childhood we have been taught to follow rules else face punishment. Even today the golden rule remains the same except the person executing it has been changed, earlier it was our parents and now it’s our boss and law of the country.

While driving if we increase our speed limit, drive without helmet, drink and drive traffic cops book us under various sections of law, reason we didn’t abide by the rules. Government is always behind people who evade Income tax and has black money with them in foreign accounts. If caught the amount of fine is a bomb. In both the cases individuals were penalized because they didn’t obey the law of the country.

But the same thing is not applicable when it comes to cases like dowry harassment, domestic violence etc. These laws were made in a very gender biased manner poised against men. It is being used by women to harass their husbands and in- laws in the name of law. Poor husbands have to fight a long legal battle to prove themselves innocent.

In some cases even the courts are aware about it but they don’t stand against the injustice done to men who are framed in false legal cases by their soon going to be estranged wife’s. My question is why? When the law of the country award punishment to any individual who misuses the law for his/her personal benefit, irrespective of the position held by the person in society. Why it is not applicable for all types of cases filed in the court of law?

It clearly indicates that law of the country is flexible on case to case basis. If that’s not the case , then why till date no women has been punished by court who has lodged false complaint against their husband and in-laws? If husband frames false case against his wife and proved in court that he is lying, then he is penalized for his crime. Justified, Why the same is not applicable with wife as well? Wife’s walk free from court with a warning, when they file false cases. This can be applicable to husbands as well.

Is the saying “Justice delayed is justice denied” really followed in real life? Or it is something to be confined in books. When judiciary itself is not delivering justice to innocent, then who will do justice to the harassed husbands of Indian society?

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