Who will stand for intolerance to men in India?

| December 5, 2015

A lot has been said and written about intolerance in India in the past couple of months and the very recent one being actor Aamir Khan statement about “moving out of India due to growing intolerance in the country”. He has been bombarded with negative review about his statement on social media, news channel and newspaper for his comment.

It’s good to raise voice for intolerance but choose better and sensible topic for it. Am surprised that why men in India are not raising voice for intolerance in the country? They have been made to suffer so much by the society, their wife, judicial system, police and others. But still they are quiet, WHY?

False dowry cases are filed against husband and his family members by his wife. He is being forced to attend court hearing, which at times can take his job from him. He has to fight a long legal battle to prove his innocence, which may take years. Why aren’t people are fighting for this kind of intolerance prevalent in society?

Men and women decide to go for live in relationship, both are aware about its consequences (relation may work in their favor or they have to move on in life) still they decide to take the risk and move in. But when the relation goes sour, they separate on mutual consent. After some time case is filed against the guy on the charges “ he lured me to get married to him but after staying together with me for some time, he went back on his promise”. Poor guy is then put to task by the judicial system of the country. How tolerant is it?

Read a case in newspaper where a woman filed a rape case in the court of law under the Republic of India against 3 men, the case went on for 3 years, finally it was proved that woman was lying and a false case was filed. The punishment awarded to her was to “stand in court for full day”. Can a day’s punishment be equivalent to the plight undergone by 3 men for 3 years? Is it not intolerance?

Supreme Court of India has over the time expressed its concern over innocent men being dragged to court for false cases and has asked government for amendment in the existing law. But still no action has been taken from government’s end. Isn’t it Intolerance to men?

Married men either commit suicide or are forced for suicide. Ratio of married men committing suicide has outnumbered married women. And the rate of percentage is not marginal but is exponentially high. Any voice raised by men about these issues are either suppressed or looked down upon by the society. Isn’t it intolerance to men?

These are few genuine example of intolerance to men but society is not ready to raise voice against it and bring change in the life of men. Rather they are fighting for momental issues exceptions included.

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