The perils of a surplus men society

| January 24, 2015

Our View:

This story, link below reeks of misandry (male hatred) and gynocentrism.

As per the author, only those men should be allowed to survive who agree to become slaves of women, rest all must be eliminated by tagging them as violent and criminals.
Whereas the need is to eliminate that breed of men who think men are violent. Society oppresses men and the progress of a society is defined by the amount of oppression done on men.
Society forces men to earn manhood by proving their prowess while women get their womanhood biologically. This bias against men leaves no communication channel for men and when men retort, the very behavior of men is used against them. This is a clear conspiracy against powerless men by powerful men.
The perils aren’t surplus men in the society, the perils are the foundation of a thought process that surplus men are a peril.

Bangalore: What happens in a society which has surplus men? Excess savings, testosterone-fuelled rage, violence, jingoism, and crimes against women along with reducing female education and libertyThe Prime Minister of India is begging its citizens to save the lives of girl children. PM Modi launched the national ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ (Save the girl, educate the girl) campaign from the state of Haryana this week. That state has the lowest child sex ratio in the country. In the age group of 0 to 6, there are 834 girls for every 1,000 boys, as per the 2011 census. Or to put it conversely, there are 120 boys for every 100 girls in Haryana. In most developed countries, this ratio is either 1:1 or slightly in favour of girls. The PM hinted
that India’s adverse sex ratio was because of discrimination against the girl child, of either abandoning her or killing her by neglect.

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Virag is a B.Tech (NIT Hamirpur) formerly Technical Architect in JDA Software India Pvt. Ltd. Currently, Virag is the Head, Gender Studies at Confidare Research. Virag has been associated with the men’s rights movement in India and is also associated with Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), Bangalore, an NGO which helps distressed and victimized men. Virag has counselled more than 4000 distressed and victimized men by providing them with guidance and coaching that has enabled them to face the crisis situation powerfully. Virag has been invited by the Rajya Sabha Standing Committee for expressing his views on the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law. Virag has also been part of a team that was requested to submit a research report on the misuse of Section 498A (Dowry law) and the changes required therein by the Law Commission of Karnataka. Currently Virag is one of the partners at Confidare India Men’s Rights Community Center – India’s first ever community center for distressed and victimized men. He is also the Head of Gender Studies, Confidare Research.

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