Society’s gift to mankind – Broken Marriage and Suffering

| February 8, 2015

Is our society gender biased? YES, reason the way they look at masculine and feminine gender is the best example for it. Thinking HOW? When a women cries, we sympathize with her but do we do the same when a man sheds tear? NO, rather we make a generic statement that “Men don’t cry, only women cry” WHY? Doesn’t this statement make us believe that men don’t belong to the breed of human beings, if so, then to what breed do men belong?

Men are also human being like women then why they are taught to hide their feeling? Society has never been interested to answer this question nor will do. Everyone has the right to express their feeling be it happiness or sorrow then why this restriction?

Today these restrictions from the society have led to a big problem, “Failed Marriages”. Marriage is a not a smooth sail for both husband and wife but wife gets support from her family and other members of the family during marital hardships. At times grooms family also supports her and asks grooms to resolve the issue. Nobody cares for the hardship the groom undergoes, all his woes are not taken heed of. This encourages wives to misuse the situation and do thing their way, making husband’s life more miserable.

By the times families realize that the mistake lies with the bride, things would have gone to the extent of separation. At this time family decides to sympathize with their son but the damage has already been done now. Had they paid attention to their son’s sorrowful tale, things would have been different. What’s next is the big question before the husband? He can either opt for a divorce or lead a suffocated life with his wife, dying every day. Both options are not easy for him.

If he intends to go for a divorce, the journey ahead will not be easy task for him, thanks to the system. In case he decides to stay with his estranged wife sole reason for it will be his parental and societal pressure. It is will not last long, one fine day he may end this life due to frustration.

Who is responsible for this plight of men? Society who else, and the sufferer is man. His crime being born as a man firstly and secondly he decided to get married. He will have to pay it for either rest of his life or by taking his life. This is not applicable for those who belong to the elite club of happily married people, which is very rare is current scenario.

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