Situational analysis of Husband and Wife during court proceeding

| September 24, 2015

A snap shot into the situational analysis undergone by Husband and Wife during court proceeding



Husband – Presence mandatory, absenteeism is taken seriously. Stern action could be taken

Wife – Has the privilege to miss hearing, no stern action taken. They are the one who file the case



Husband – Husband has to travel for the hearing, as the case is filed in court near wife’s residence

Wife – Wife enjoys the legacy of attending hearing without travelling fuss.

                                                      Impact on work


  • Husband to struggle at work so that he is able to complete his work before he can take leave for hearing
  • Not able to take good career opportunity.( New employer may be skeptical with leave issues and it’s impact at work)
  • In case office colleagues are aware about it, they may not understand the situation and make fun
  • Need for job increases


  • Quit job to sit at home to get maintenance from husband
  • Decline job offers for the hope of maintenance
  • In case working, will get the sympathy of co workers


                                                      Impact at home

Husband – Manage household chores along with office work

Wife – Hire maid or will get support from family as staying with parents

(Point to think)   When a woman manages both house and office. People respect her but same is not applicable to man


                                                      Attitude of society

Husband – Despite knowing you from your childhood, society may doubt you for once at least.

Wife – Full support (Facts verification not required)



Husband – Look at husband with hatred (innocent)

Wife – Look at wife with sympathy and support ( culprit)


                                                    Impact on finance


  • Travelling expense to atte
  • nd hearing from one state to another
  • Lawyer fee
  • Bail fee for self and family
  • Interim maintenance


  • Not applicable, staying at the city where case is filed
  • No fee if support by national commission for women
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable

(Point to think) In case false case has been filed by wife no refund of money. Not even interim maintenance


                                                     Child Custody


  • Difficult to get child custody
  • Visitation rights allowed


  • Custody is granted easily
  • Try to evade the visitation right

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  1. hemantkothari13 says:

    Very simple and logical. I am wondering how we can bring this to the notice of each judge. Can we start writing in news papers? Thanks, Keep sharing!!