Protest March and Hunger Strike for Father’s Rights

| February 16, 2015

Fathers, the silent victims and sufferers of gender bias in family court system and the society, are now voicing their concerns.

1. Tired of being treated as FREE ATM MACHINES and SPERM DONORS, they speak up.

2. Tired of being treated as a visitor in their own child’s life, they come forward.

3. Exasperated with the high-handedness of a gynocentric family court system, fathers in Bangalore now say, “Enough is Enough”.

4. Having knocked many doors and having approached the temple of justice and returning high and dry, now victimized and distressed fathers come down to streets.

5. With no one listening to the woes and plight of these grieving fathers and supported by the Father’s Rights Wing of Save Indian Family Foundation, these fathers have decided to sit on a hunger strike in Bangalore in order to take their voices forward.

For more details about the event, please see the picture below


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Virag is a B.Tech (NIT Hamirpur) formerly Technical Architect in JDA Software India Pvt. Ltd. Currently, Virag is the Head, Gender Studies at Confidare Research. Virag has been associated with the men’s rights movement in India and is also associated with Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), Bangalore, an NGO which helps distressed and victimized men. Virag has counselled more than 4000 distressed and victimized men by providing them with guidance and coaching that has enabled them to face the crisis situation powerfully. Virag has been invited by the Rajya Sabha Standing Committee for expressing his views on the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law. Virag has also been part of a team that was requested to submit a research report on the misuse of Section 498A (Dowry law) and the changes required therein by the Law Commission of Karnataka. Currently Virag is one of the partners at Confidare India Men’s Rights Community Center – India’s first ever community center for distressed and victimized men. He is also the Head of Gender Studies, Confidare Research.

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