Open letter to PM Modi from a Stupid Common Male of India

| April 24, 2015

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Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

This is going to be my first open open letter to you. Do not consider me as common man because that covers almost all genders, all castes, all classes; consider me as a common Male species of India – The Stupid Common Male.

I would be stating few harsh facts and figures so would not be very kind, without much of a delay let me come to my point directly.

I had voted you considering you will understand my pain and agony and will try to deliver justice to my species. But unfortunately, you did exactly reverse and doing more harm to male species of India. Below are few of your commitments/statements and what exactly you are doing in reverse.

 Statement Vs Actions

S.No. Statement/Commitment Actually Did/Doing
1 Every child has a right to education and must be provided with all facilities. Brought betibachaobetipadao scheme, provided special education scheme/funds only to girls. As a male child, what is my fault and why I am not provided with same funds if I am born in a poor family?
2 No child should die and must be saved providing all the best available hospitalization. Here again you punished me for being a male child, you did not even considered me saving from abortions and are not even bothered for me, why?
3 No girl should be considered as burden and she must be treated equal to boy. She can also take care of parents as son do. You still kept husband (male) as respondent in Sec 125, domestic violence cases. You are not asking girls to work whether educated or uneducated. You are not even asking her to take her own responsibility forget about taking care of parents. In fact, law commission proposing old ailing in-laws to take care of young educated brides in case husband cannot take care of her. Why?
4 Scrapping old laws or stopping laws which are being misused Even after SC judgement of 98% of dowry laws are false, you didn’t plan to scrap it. In fact, you are making it compoundable so that wives can file false cases anytime and take it back. So my demand was to make the 498A a bailable law because I spend lakhs of rupees in same. You are doing it, Why?
5 Bringing stringent laws against violence My assumption got shattered when I observed you rewarding Rohtak girls for beating 3 innocent men in public. Also, post that I saw male citizens getting beaten up, thrashed and lynched but you remain silent and didn’t punished any of those people. Also, today I see that in India male citizen are not safe and secure as anyone can simply accuse them and beat them to death and you don’t take any action, Why?
6 Need youth support to make India a better country What we are seeing the increase in false cases and believe youth is busy fighting same. Students or employed man from prestigious institutes and companies are busy spending their lives in jails or courts for bails and wasting their whole career in these stupid things. Instead of curbing these false cases and saving youth, you made 16 year old to be treated as adults so that their whole life gets screwed if anyone trap them in a false case to settle personal score. Is their life not important, why?
7 Will take care of every individual But till date you allocated Zero money for prostate cancer and on male issues. Why?
8 Will ensure no one dies because of government inefficiency, every life is important But instead of serious data of one married man committing suicide every 9 minutes, you haven’t setup any committee/commission for these suicides or their lost life. Why, are we not humans?

The reason for writing this letter is simple, you make laws of dowry death, rape, molestation which are biased w.r.t. gender but believe me I am not a politician whose wife dies an unnatural death and he doesn’t get arrested under dowry death, I do. I am also not a famous politician son/film star/ UN guy who get accused of rape and doesn’t get arrested, I do. I am also not a rich business man who if get accused of molestation and he doesn’t get publicly lynched, I do.

If this letter reaches out to you and you really want India to contribute and youth to contribute believe me you can’t do it with only one gender. You would need both the gender; so killing, ignoring or sending males to jail may not work in benefit of our country.

Thanks for reading,

The Stupid Common Male


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  1. krish says:

    Just read India ranks 117 out of 158 nations on global happiness index; Switzerland tops list. No wonder India’s rank is 117, below nations like Pakistan (81), Palestine (108), Bangladesh (109), Ukraine (111) and Iraq (112).(Source:The Economic Times)

    May be your letter to PM throws more light on the issue. Anybody is listening?

    • Bhuvnesh Sharma says:

      With more than 50% population of men in India and still being ignored I am not surprised with the data you have shared.