Menaka Gandhi’s if all men are abusers then what about women abusers?

| September 16, 2015

Menaka Gandhi’s statement about men from Indian society portraying them as abuser has garnered lot of attention from the media not only in India but also internationally. If all Indian men are abusers then what are they doing in Indian parliament, all government institutions and other such places of high regard? They all should be behind the bars or should be imprisoned at home

This statement has invoked attack on the achievement of great leaders like father of nation Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and many others. People look to them with high regard, were they also abusers in real life? This statement implies to them as well, as they are Indian men

If men are of no use to Indian society what are they doing in India? They should be deported to other countries or let India be divided in 2 parts, one for men and other for women with boundaries set. Men are portrayed as criminals by media, society, judiciary, politicians and even by nation. Can anyone help me understand the reason for it?

Men are abusers because

  • Their contribution towards the nation in the form of income tax is more in comparison to women
  • They are assigned life threatening tasks at work like commandos, bomb squad, and mining to name a few. Rate of women employment in such professions are very low.
  • They are framed in false dowry and domestic violence case by wife but during the trial wife is not able to prove her claims during the trail. No action is taken against wife for filing a false case.
  • They have to work hard day and night to run the house, sacrificing their happiness. Women despite being qualified prefer to stay at home and enjoy life
  • They don’t have a governing body to hear their woes, so their issues are neither raised nor addressed. Women have national commission for women, why not a similar body for men.
  • They toil themselves in agricultural land to feed the nation with grains. Most farmers are men, women venturing into farming is less or negligible.
  • They form 51% of the voting population in India and excise their voting right to build a progressive nation

If all women are innocent then why do we need women prison to imprison women prisoners? Women are not lacking behind in committing heinous crimes in today’s time, in fact they have superseded men in some cases. It was women who killed former prime minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in the form of a human bomb.

Crimes done by women

  • Women venture in to hospitals to steal new born babies
  • Killing husbands with the help of paramour for money
  • Hiring for terrorist organization
  • Enticing men to commit crime on their behalf

If all men are abusers, then how about women who do said things above?

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