Men should stop celebrating Republic Day

| January 25, 2015

Man should stop celebrating Republic Day

Let me give a brief insight of our Constitution and basic rights we have:-

The Constitution of India is the supreme law of India. It lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, establishes the structure, procedures, powers and duties of government institutions and sets out fundamental rights, directive principles and the duties of citizens.

Few Fundamental Laws

Right to Equality

The Right to Equality is one of the chief guarantees of the Constitution. It is embodied in Articles 14–16, which collectively encompass the general principles of equality before law and non-discrimination

Right against Exploitation

The Right to Equality is one of the chief guarantees of the Constitution. It is embodied in Articles 14–16, which collectively encompass the general principles of equality before law and non-discrimination

Cultural and Education Rights

The Cultural and Educational rights, given in Articles 29 and 30, are measures to protect the rights of cultural, linguistic and religious minorities, by enabling them to conserve their heritage and protecting them against discrimination

Article 20(3) – Human Right

The rule is that everyone should be presumed to be innocent until he is proved guilty

So, why a man should not celebrate Republic Day? In our country, the consideration is that man is supreme and women is “Abla”. But let us check the reality of Man being a supreme. He has duties towards parents, children and other family members. He has duties towards society and the country. He must serve his parent who gave him birth and support them when they are old. He must train his children in proper manner and raise them with best education and get them married. He supports his wife and earn livelihood. He has to be a good example for society and serve his country at borders.

In India, the PM recently announced a program with the BetiBachaoBetiPadao and criticized the 16th Century mentality of considering a girl as burden. He announced free education and support for a girl child. There are many policies in India, where a woman gets cheaper loans, reservation in education since primary school, marriage benefits but by law hold no responsibility towards her parents and even herself. Her husband has to maintain her weather she is educated or uneducated, in fact our government also planning to bring an amendment where if husband is not able to maintain his wife, his old parents have to maintain his wife means woman will be treated as burden. Obviously this is hypocrisy of our government but they enjoy same.

One of my friends was blessed with a baby boy recently and he was cribbing. When I forced him to explain, he said his son is going to face a tough life, but why? He explained that, from his birth he will face the biased behavior of society; he will be facing lot of discrimination in school and college admissions, jobs and with laws. Going further he said, in his primary school admission itself with his no fault of being a male he will be having less points than a girl child. In jobs, he will have less chance to get selected due to gender based reservation and gender preferences of organizations rather than on merit. He said he will not celebrate Republic Day as he doesn’t feel fundamental law of “Right to Equality “ and “Cultural and Education Rights “ gets followed in India and the discussion ended.

Recently we saw, that a married man died an unnatural death within 2 months of marriage and even after allegations from his family that his wife has murdered him, no action was taken. Whereas as per law, if a wife dies an unnatural death within 7 years of marriage and his family says that husband and his family is guilty, the whole family of husband and husband goes behind the bars without any investigation until they are proven innocent. With the same discrimination in Domestic Violence law that it does not account for wives beating husband and rape laws where a man alleges can he was raped or his modesty was compromised by a woman. With such a behavior that even if a man dies, no one is bothered or when a man says he is harassed by a woman, people laugh on him, they get no option to suicide like 65000 does every year. Other men chose to remain silent and ignorant until he falls into same trap and becomes victim and then crib system.

My friend was definitely right as a parent when son in born it is time we should stop celebrating. The society he will be exposed to, will be biased towards his gender and he will be leading a life at mercy of others. With laws like dowry, domestic violence, rape, hurting a woman modesty and many more where society treats a man guilty on mere allegations from a woman and then a man face various trial, arrest, mental and physical harassment, social boycott, loss of employment and he is considered guilty without any proofs which is certainly a clear violation of Human Rights Article 20(3) (innocent until he is proved guilty). The biggest irony comes next, even after writing to Law Commission of India and Human Rights Commission of India about these biased laws, violation of human rights they remain silent and prefer to ignore things.

So when a man has to carry so many burden of responsibilities and threats in daily life of being tagged as criminal any moment with no guilty, when various bodies of government, politicians, society bothering least about his security as a citizen, when Constitution basic rights are not given to him then there is no reason for him to celebrate Republic Day.


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  1. Vijayaragavan C says:

    Dear author,

    You are picking up few bad apples and are concluding that no one should eat apples.

    I agree that there are many cases where men are exploited. I also agree there should be strong laws against these. I also agree that we have to work towards a conducive legal solution.

    But exploitation is something that everyone complains in India. Dalits complain that they are not given equal rights. OC sections complain that they are victims of Quota system. Muslims complain that they are being viewed as anti nationals. Christians complain that they are viewed as vatican funded. Hindus complain that they are affected due to pseudo secularism.

    Women complain of suppression and men also complain of exploitation.

    Kejriwal complains of corruption and hence advised last year to stop celebrating republic day – and also threatened that he will do a dharna during the parade.

    If every group who feel they are exploited want to disown republic day and national feeling for the country – i think this country will be no less than a chaos.

    Do fight the system, but do not fight issues that are of national importance.

  2. MRA Vivek says:

    Dear Vijayaragavan,

    Not so long ago, there were a set of people who were exploited and mistreated. A big bunch of people, related and unrelated to the victims of oppression, started voicing out opinions and hence, led to a very big movement. These fighters and the oppressed people, slowly started disowning their empress, neglected the ‘allegiance-showing’ celebrations dictated by their government and started asking uneasy questions to their government. This action led to a widely attractive movement with the most appreciated results in this country, The Indian Independence Movement. You, I and many other people have the rights to blog like this, just because somebody fought the issues of national importance.

    Do not treat Men’s rights movement as a replica of the Indian Independence movements. If you read political science, you will come to know many rationalistic movements had many similarities. I would like to say this just to point out that I am impressed with the scale and success of this movement, even if I do not empathize with many MANY aspects of Indian Independence movement.

    Coming to the point of exploitation, you realize that there were many people complaining of exploitation and you seem to have turned deaf ears to their complaints just because you were so busy in keeping the country out-of-chaos no matter what. You do not want another movement in the likes of Independence movement for the betterment of the people, you see?

    And, I have an inkling that you hate ‘men’ complaining rather than anyone else complaining. You are in denial, I suppose. When a person finds a shocking negative thing, psychology says that his immediate, involuntary emotional reaction is to “deny” it. You do not want to believe our accusations and you do not want to believe them because you do not wish these atrocities to happen to you, as a underprivileged man. But, let me tell you, wishful thinking and denial does not lead you anywhere.

    We are at least trying to change the system and make this nation better. What are YOU doing? If only you would spend your useful time in “doing” something for the nation, rather than “talking” against the people who do, you would have brought some credibility to your words. Remember, actions speak louder than words.