Is the society ready for a role reversal?

| April 3, 2015

A lot has been said done for women empowerment in the recent past. It is good as long as it is not misused and causes harm to others. But today I feel people are using women empowerment as a motive to fulfill their selfish motives and nobody is able to understand it.

Today we talk about reservation for women in job, CCTV coverage in buses, women centric cabs, specific seats for women in bus and trains and couple of other things, with each passing day the list of privilege is going on increasing, make the situation worse in some cases.

If society at large is so damn adamant about empowering women then let’s go for a role reversal, i.e. let women take care all activities undertaken by men. Give women the absolute power to rule the world be it corporate or domestic.

  • Let them go out and earn money equivalent to the one earned by their husbands
  • Have the courage to go out at midnight to receive /drop guests at railway station, bus station or airport
  • Sacrifice their beauty parlor outing to husband and kids
  • Have the physical strength to manual labor work done by men at construction site
  • Report back to office 1 week after delivering a kid to name a few

Men can take care of house hold and other responsibilities of women

If we are ready for it, then let all political parties, NGO’s and other agencies who are advocating for women will have to ensure that that there are no men with them. Let them first set an example for other follow. It is very easy to dictate terms of other but difficult to live what you support for.

I think this is the only way we can open the eyes of society which is becoming women-centric. When they themselves will be at loosing then they may understand the plight who are at the receiving end of all the women supporting acts of society and government at large.

Are we ready for it?

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