How to decide Father or Mother for a kid?

| March 24, 2015

Most beautiful gift a married couple can have is to attain parenthood. The journey of parenthood is amazing, there is no word to express the feeling one gets while holding ones kid in arms for the first time.

Man and women have been created completely different from each other. There are certain things which restricted to men and women. Exp – A man can never give birth to a kid undergoing the 9 months cycle and the labor pain. This can be done only by a women but it doesn’t mean that man doesn’t undergo any pressure when the child is born.

Man has lot of pressure and tension during pregnancy period thinking about the safety of his wife and the unborn child. When a wife is taken to labor room for delivery, only a husband can understand the trauma undergone by him, till he receives news about the safety of his wife and the kid.

But these things are never taken into consideration because they are not expressive to the society and confine their feeling to themselves. The plight of women for 9 months is always given priority, in comparison to men. I can’t understand why? When a man can’t deliver, how can people be judgmental about his feelings and emotions?

It happens in the court of law as well because “mother is the ipso facto guardian of the child aged below 5”, how? If that is the case, then why is it so important to get married to have a kid? Why unwed mothers are not given importance in society?

It’s a universal fact that union of man and women can only give birth to a kid, then how come women can become the sole guardian of the kid? Guardianship should be shared by both parties. In case the guardian has to be conferred to one parent, and then let one person alone be responsible for conception of kid. We all know that is not possible, then why this partiality?

If women needs to have the full custody of the kid just because she has delivered it, then what about surrogate mother? They also give birth to kid and give it to someone.

If women’s are so damn adamant to pursue the custodial right of the kids, then let them bring a kid to the world all by themselves without the support of a man. In case they can’t do so give let them not fight for it.

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