Gulabi Gang for women, which gang for men……..?

| October 1, 2015

Violence is not a remedy to make oneself heard. But what will you do if violence is support by government and awarded at International forum. Shocked, what am I talking about?

Am talking about a, woman’s organization / body who resort to violence to bring men to task or make their presence felt to men. You guessed it correct, its Gulabi Gang by Sampat Pal, an organization from Uttar Pradesh working towards the upliftment of so-called oppressed women. They claim to take up the cause of women who are victim domestic violence by men irrespective of husband, father, brother, the gender should be men. They conduct talk with the parties (man and woman) and try to resolve the issue at their end.

In some cases they use lathi’s to make their demand agreed by men at the hand of women. They attack men in gang, all women in pink sarees armed with lathis. The apathy of men is that he is helpless, he can’t raise hand against women, it is prohibited by law but woman can. He has to bear the beatings.

The best part is that such kind of violence by women meted out to men has been recognized by the government and awarded by forums both at national and international level. Here violence is not only supported but also encouraged, can anyone let me know the reason why? But what is preached by government and judiciary is “we should not take law into our hand”, then why this recognition for violence? Is it because men are victimized by women?

My question here is how much more should men suffer at the hands of women? False court cases, indifferent attitude of society, judiciary, police and nation at large are all behind men who are working at the behest of women. Who is working for men?

People say women are oppressed but in reality men are oppressed, as they have no support system to back upon. In case a man commits crime, society is there to tarnish him and make him suffer but is the same applicable to a woman to commit crime? The answer is a big NO, why?

Gulabi Gang took to the path of violence to make themselves heard by the masses and achieved their goal to provide justice to women. What about men?

Isn’t it high time that men should also come out with an organization in lines similar to Gulabi Gang to make their concerns heard and make an impact in the society about the existence of men and their issues?

If woman can have Gulabi Gang, why can’t men have their own gang?

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