Get peace when you have Marital Problems

| June 24, 2013

One of the biggest problem men face during Marital Problems is lack of peace. The laws in India are so much against men that most men live in acute fear and this takes away peace in their lives. In that sad state, they somehow believe that if they can get a quick solution to the problem, then they will get peace. Unfortunately, they never find this quick solution and this lack of peace creates depression and fills the mind with all kinds of negative thoughts.

Here are some tips to salvage the situation piece by piece:

  1. The guy should not try to distract himself with taking up more work etc.
  2. The should immediately contact a Men’s Rights support group in India or call our helplines, where he can communicate his feelings and get some answers to questions that are bothering him for so long.
  3.  He has to remember that most legal problems are not harmful.
  4. Except section 498a, all other laws will not cause any physical or emotional harm directly though they may cause severe harm to one’s finances.
  5. The false cases of 498a can be dealt with some common sense and some smartness. Everyone in Judiciary knows that these are false cases. More than 500,000 people are implicated or threatened of these false cases every single year. So, you are not just alone.
  6. Never file Divorce. It can potentially ruin your legal situation later apart from ruining you financially. If you can not bear the torture, just get out and stay separately. For more details talk to Men’s Rights Activists. When you talk to them, slowly your will get clarity. With clarity you will get peace.
  7. A man going through this problem must not think too many things in future. Just live in present moment. The more you think and worry, the more the mind will lose and will get tired.
  8. Take a lot of rest.

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