Delhi unsafe for Men

| January 5, 2015

Another incident of a male death in city leaving several unanswered questions. A well-qualified person who would have struggled a lot as his father died when he was a child. His mother would have taken lot of pain to educate him and giving him a future he deserved. Just 2 month old marriage where a man gave everything possible what he could have done whether it is about leaving his own family and relocating to place which is closer to wife office and in laws house so that his wife feels comfortable. He spent lakhs of rupees for foreign travel for honeymoon so that they can start a happy life. But what he got in return is bad marriage, betrayal, allegations of domestic violence, mental harassment and ultimately death from where he can never come back. He may have never slapped someone in his life but after his death he is getting accused as serial wife beater. The loss to the family is unbearable.

His death leaves several unanswered questions like if he was so cruel why would he move a house closer to his in laws or wife office which will make him vulnerable in case he do something wrong. Also, his mother said that she heard someone on stairs around 3 pm and when she shouted, she found her door was locked from outside and she exhausted in 2 hrs with no help. Also, as alleged by wife that she was beaten and husband tried to kill her and husband tried to kill himself after that.

But to everyone’s surprise, she is still surviving and husband has died with wire around his neck and lying on floor instead of fan. Question arises like how come a man wrapped his own neck and killed himself; who actually was there which mother heard; how come rooms doors are locked from outside and house door is locked from inside; why wife called police but not to ambulance. Facebook walls of both husband and wife reveal that there was lot of interference of girl parents in their life and wife might be in relationship before marriage. Why a sensible man before marriage became so insane after marriage? What made him so? Why a highly educated person who was supporting wife in everything would take an extreme step? Who was the third person in their marriage because of whom there were problems? Wife and her family immediately alleged domestic violence which was never shared before the incident, why?

As per law, any unnatural death of girl within 7 years of marriage is by default dowry death but what do we have for this man who died an unnatural death within 2 months of this marriage?

Do we have a law to protect man if they get beaten, get died in any span of marriage? Does their wife or in laws get booked in domestic violence and reverse dowry cases? 

We have many such incidents like a man killed himself and wife on last Saturday in city because he was mentally harassed by wife but no one helped him instead he was falsely accused in dowry case after 8 years of marriage and 2 kids and then also wife forced to live with him. What were the options with these men who were unhappy in marriage, do we have any Men Cell, Men Commission, Men counseling center in India? Just think.

Are men really safe in Delhi?


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