Dark side of Delhi Metro

| February 13, 2015

Over 3 million people travel in Delhi metro on daily basis but men do not have any right in Delhi metro,even not a single seat. According to my study on Internet and news papers most of metro work was done by men only 99.9% and after that men has been left isolated.

Why should I give my seat to a woman passenger ?
Yes you read right why should I give my seat to a woman traveller? There was a time I always use to offer my seat to a woman traveller while travelling in Delhi metro or other public transport but I have stopped offering my seat after seeing many stupid incidents while travelling…like there was an old man may be seventy year old was travelling in rush hour in Delhi metro was not offered a seat by young lady, there was a sick man (hardly able to stand properly) was not offered a seat by female co passenger have seen many similar incidents or you can think of yourself how many times in your life have been offered a seat by a female co passenger while using public transport.

An army man who standing day and night and fronting our borders do not have a seat in Delhi metro when he comes to his own city or just to see his capital city, a truck driver who delivers vegetables, milk and all other house hold to us do not have a seat for himself in Delhi metro.

We have dedicated coach in Delhi metro for females, dedicated seats as well in each metro coach. Despite of that female do not hesitate to snatch and fight with men just to get a seat in metro. They are misusing their gender and using it as a toll just to get a seat or we can say to get anything in day today life.

And next time whenever you travel in Delhi Metro, beware of suspicious female co passengers as an official report has revealed that 94% of the pickpockets in Delhi metro are women. Since our society is female centric so people do not doubt on females and get robbed easily because of myth that woman can not do wrong and men’s are soft target’s in most of the incidents.
All this is happening because of Misandry ,after all we are living in a society which is full of misandry. Misandry is not just a word it is a mental disease what I have understood so far;which not just killing a man but society too (A man who is a father, a brother, a protector, a husband,a friend and an uncle). Men do not need sympathy, men should not cry, men do not need much of care, men do need support, men do not love child, men do not get emotional, please full stop all this nonsense, we are also the God creature ,we also do cry, we do get emotional, we do have sentiments, we do care, we do have needs also so stop treating us like aliens, we are from this planet only.

You may think I am angry on any particular incident but no its not like that my simple question when we can have dedicated coach for woman why not for man? This is not the matter of a seat its all about men’s right don’t we have right on anything? All human being have some rights and men’s are also human being. A man who is a hero for his family or can be a simple human being.

If you do not agree with me please take out sometime and use Delhi metro you will be stunned by reality. I am not gender biased so i have decided I will not be offering my seat to any one because of her gender but will love to offer the same to anyone needy (old person,any handicap and to a sick or weak person)
My city my metro my seat my choice!!delhimetro

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  1. MRA Vivek says:

    A very nice article explaining how misandry has subtly pervaded into our everyday life.