Court Power to NCW – Men cannot escape from hell!

| April 9, 2015

Looks like the government has decided to ensure that Indian Men face hell here on earth itself. After giving a completely biased environment in form of women NGOs, Women Commission, Women Police Stations, biased laws, biased judgements recently they have decided to give more powers to NCW. Group of ministers (GoM) headed by Arun Jaitley approved the draft bill.

Civil Court powers to NCW

Now, where men get harassed in women cells, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), courts; they will now have one more option to get ripped apart. One of the husbands, Dhananjay (name changed) when summoned to meet DCW on complaint from his wife, he was harassed and his mother was asked to leave her own house so that rights can be given to wife.

Even after praying, the old lady was not heard (though she is a woman) and was pushed to agree to young Daughter-in-law’s demands. Husband was asked to take his wife back even when she had complained of “attempt to murder by husband” in police station. Clearly proves that she was lying and had good approach in DCW. Various such true incidents happen daily in institutions like these.

In India where we see different judgments in similar cases and where the entire legal system is designed to punish man for being a man. In such a situation, giving additional powers to a gender specific department will lead to more pain for men. Whereas the government is continuously ignoring the plight of men even after stats as dangerous as 65000 married men committing suicide every year due to marital problems.  Government has not only become deaf for issues men face but also creating more and more death traps for them.

Today, when a wife moves to police station on a mere argument with husband and then she files false complaints like attempt to murder and unnatural sex just to ensure husband bow down to her demands. Man spends lacs of rupees in getting bail. Lawyers fees in courts to deal with cases are also exorbitant. Many go to jail because they deny these extortion and take a stand. With Civil court powers being given to NCW, it will definitely be last nail in coffin where a man will be spending his time and money in moving around NCW to higher courts just on a woman false complaint who are filing charges as grave as attempt to murder by husband or rape by boyfriends.

In India, young man who are pass out from institutions like IIT, IIM, BITS waste their talent in fighting these false cases (IITian won false dowry case ) Where as per calculations, every year India looses more than Rs. 45 billion on GDP due these cases as the young men spend time fighting these fake cases. Now with additional civil court powers to NCW, Indian men should be ready to spend their more money and time. Sooner or later, Indian men are gonna decide to stay away from women, because the kind of threat-full environment government is offering to them, its better to be safe rather than sorry.

In fact, now when the Govt. has already decided to push men into “Hell-On-Earth”, they should bring in some efficiency by doing away with other courts and lengthy court procedures. Men can simply be punished on basis of verbal allegations and “cogent testimonies”. These NCW courts should handle all litigation, because, anyways, the Govt, believes that women are better at it. It’s time to fire all male judges.


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