Conversion a definite path for development

| December 29, 2014

Conversion in India – A new trend or business venture

No, no, no you are on wrong path. I am not taking about conversion from one religion to another but a new idea in government development framework. This is about gender conversion from Male to Female. Looking at Thailand success and tourism, government must be thinking on these lines. How about converting all males to females? This way our country will be safe from neighboring countries who are spreading terror (after all who want to take panga with a women), women in country will be safe (as there will be no men) and it will definitely attract tourism because of all the known reasons from Thailand.

Why do I think so and why this proposition is beneficial for any men? So, government want to showcase that they are with youth and looking for development in country but being a traditional ideology government (full of oldies) they can not do that easily. So, they have started a new trend. This trend says if a woman alleges that she is a victim immediately reward her, whoever she claims to be criminal punish him. This way they can empower women. They did this recently in Rohtak case where 2 girls tried to trap 3 men in fake molestation case (as per latest online videos). But due to some stupid eye witnesses who shared facts about the incident, this had to be rollback. But they were successful in following this strategy in another rape case, by banning a cab company on merely a complaint of rape case even the case is still under trail and investigation. Since they cannot hang the man, they banned the company to showcase their sympathy towards the girl. So what if other crimes are happening at various government offices (which cannot be banned), atleast focus on one crime and rest will fade automatically.

My belief on this conversion policy further got strength, when I came to know the new Divorce law (IRBM), which says a woman can ask for divorce and husband cannot deny same (at any point in time of marriage). Also, as a women empowerment scheme; she will be awarded with 50% of his property, and his parental and inherited property. This way they can defend their old ideology of woman as weaker sex and also support women empowerment program. This will also push man to think about marriage 1000 times before jumping into that. This will open new ventures for women to get married and make quick money in short span of time by asking for divorce. This will help lawyers in their earnings; husbands will have to pay for bails and court fees hence strengthening economy. Hence, man will also be forced to think to about sex change to woman in case they want to enroll in this new scheme.

Government also planning to make rape law more strict. Soon, if a woman will say that a man has molested her, he will be immediately castrated with off-course rewards policy for woman. Even if later, it will come out as it was not a rape but a revenge of a verbal dispute while ordering a pizza. Since man is already castrated, he will have no option but to choose sex change operation and enroll himself in same scheme of women empowerment. This will again help other men to understand that becoming a woman is his best choice in national interest.

So what will happen if everyone turns out to be a woman, how government will empower them then? Don’t worry, our government have already thought about this, once everybody will be women, it will be difficult to safe guard our borders as woman hardly go for high risky jobs like today. So in case of war or terror attack , govt will make sure that enemy is booked under molestation cases, this will help government to take immediate action against them without trial and proofs unlike Kasab case where it took years to punish even with all the proofs.

By the way, just while writing this article, conversion to other religions from Hindu is still an option as all these laws are only for Hindus. So, in case a man wants to safeguard himself and don’t want to be a woman (as he hates them) he can always convert to other religion.

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