Begging by Indian wives promoted at the behest of Judiciary

| May 29, 2015
Two begging hands

Begging hands

In 21st century men and women are walking hand in hand, there is hardly a sector which has not been conquered by women. Their effort and hard work has taken them to those heights. But still there is a section of women who still believe in the policy of begging rather than leading a life with dignity and self-respect.

This breed of female society is the “highly qualified married wives”, whose sole intention of getting married is to seeking divorce from husband at the earliest and open a big mouth for alimony to lead a luxurious life. The best part is the “society and judicial system”, is fine with this legalized business of begging.

My question here if men has to earn and women be their dependent pre and post marriage then why should they go out and earn? The need of higher education is also not mandatory for them. Basic education is fine. Higher education and job to women is waste if it is not used wisely. Rather these opportunities could be given to men, who have no other option but to work and earn. By doing so, we will be able to solve the problem of unemployment in India to a great extent.

If an individual is not willing to use his/her qualification in future for employment opportunity rather collect it as a means to show of prestige and prejudice, better give it to someone who is in dire need of it. Certain amount of seats is reserved for women in colleges and companies giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent. But if they are not willing to use to it better give it to other.

Why should husband pay alimony to their highly qualified wives, who can take care of themselves? If that is the case why did they toil themselves in getting these degrees?, they could have been literate. I think they took degree to trap husbands on the pretext of working even after marriage because today eligible bachelors look out for qualified brides who are willing to pursue career post marriage as well.

Girls use their degree to marry a man and then go for begging, even here they don’t have to go out of their house daily to footpath as is the custom with professional beggars, rather they stay at the comfort of their house and judicial system acts a medium for their begging platform.

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