Are we silently promoting male infanticide?

| July 1, 2015

Till date I was never ashamed of being born as a man, reason being, I never thought discrimination against men can happen but nowadays things have changed, everywhere I go, the treatment meted out to boys/men is totally indifferent to that of girls/women. I don’t know whether this thing is being noted nationally but at an international level people have recognized it. I came to know about it very recently.

I was on a conference call with delegates across globe and during the one presentation a guy showed us a slide of a reputed MNC celebrating mother’s day. People on call agreed to focus more on such celebration when I asked about celebration of father’s day, I was told the response would be less in India in comparison to mother’s day. Few fathers on call also agreed to it. I ran out of words.

When I deep dived into this issue came across few other such things prevalent in society

Beti bachao beti padhao

An initiative focused towards reducing the menace of female infanticide and better education facility to girl child. What about guys, aren’t they entitled to good quality education? What wrong did they do that basic right of education is derived from them?

Mother’s Day

The amount of hype that is given towards celebration of “mother’s day” is tremendous. All shopping malls, restaurants, e commerce companies come out with attractive offers but the same is not applicable when it comes to celebration of father’s day, WHY? Both play equal role in the development and upbringing of kid

Sukanya Samriddhi account

An account is opened in the name girl child and funds are deposited to it, which can be used for her education and marriage. What sin did guys do that such privilege is not extended to them? Do they not need money for education and marriage or are they exempted from the costs?


Click selfie with daughter and upload it in social media. Good but what about sons aren’t they part of the society? WHY this discrimination between sons and daughters?

Exclusive ladies seats in buses

In buses certain numbers of seats are reserved for girls and the remaining is for guys. Girls can sit in guy’s seat and nobody ask them to get up. But is a guy sits in girl’s seat they are asked to vacate the place. WHY?

Campaigns to tarnish the image of men

Recently while watching TV I came across a commercial by Madhuri Dixit, which portrayed men as women abusers. If all men are women abusers then why did she marry a man? She has 2 kids both sons. So indirectly she is supporting 2 male kids to be women abusers in future.

Why we don’t see campaigns targeting abusive women, who abuse men, in public? Men are not allowed to speak up about the abuse they face, but still they are attacked reason being, they are born as men.

Societal outlook

Even the outlook of society towards men is no different, if a girl complains against a boy, people spend waste no time in starting to punish him. They do it without verifying the facts. But if a guy complains against a girl, no action is taken or action is delayed, WHY?

There are many more such examples where men’s rights have been suppressed by women. Then we talk of gender equality, where is equality? Equality means giving equal right to men and women. What we are practicing today is not equality but biased behavior towards one section of the society i.e. girls.

Are we heading towards the extinction of males from society or are we silently promoting male infanticide as having a son would become such a liability for parents that they would ultimately stop having/preferring sons?

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