About us

498a.in is a Men’s Rights website. It is operated by Confidare India, which is first ever Masculinist (Men’s Rights) Educational Organisation in Indian and in the world.

It focuses not only in providing training to new activists but also on giving online guidance to men, who face domestic abuse and false cases. It is founded in 2011 by prominent men’s human rights activists Virag Dhulia, Mithun Kumar, Pandurang and Anil Kumar. In Bangalore, we have a office at Koramangala and we also have a domestic violence shelter for men. This is the first ever domestic violence shelter created in India. The founders of 498a.in have coached more than 5000 abused men and their families in last 8 years. They have also represented and highlighted men’s rights issues in front of Indian parliamentary committees and law commissions several times.

498a.in is committed to not only make all laws gender neutral in India, but also to end male disposability from the societies across the world. This can only happen through education and research and all men need this education rather than living their entire lives without any meaning. We are working with world’s leading men’s rights organisations to achieve this objective. However, given existence of male disposability since ages, it will take more than the work of a life time.

We provide free training to Men’s Rights NGOs across India. Actually, this training is given by us since many years. If you are interested in starting a Men’s Rights NGO in your city, you can contact us for guidance, reviews, support and trainings. Your NGO will get it for free.

The founders of 498a.in are philanthropists, who do not take any salary. However, it employs few men’s rights activists as staff.

Every year, more than 65,000 married men commit suicide in India. In last 15 years, the suicides of married men has increased by 20,000.  The media claims, it is due to farmer’s suicides. However, according to National Crime Records Bureau only 1.7% of suicides in India are due to poverty, while a whopping 25% are due to family reasons. The Government of India has refused to acknowledge the problems of men and denies existence of crimes of domestic violence and rape against men. It has refused to provide any support, protection or justice. Since years, it has turned down our demand to create a men’s ministry. The animals in Indian streets have more rights today than a Man. There are regular instances of violence against men in court premises, yet no action is ever taken. Even though, Government and UGC fund millions of dollars for women’ studies and gender studies courses, they provide nothing for study of men and masculinity. No surveys are conducted to study the issues like domestic violence and rape against men.

Confidare and 498a.in are working to provide these to men, which the Government of India refuses to provide. 82% of taxes in India are paid by men.