A Father who is missing his ‘Child’

| December 30, 2014

When a child is born, the father is the most excited person in the world as he feels blessed, he is on cloud nine, distributing sweets, dancing like he has got the world.

A father plans everything in advance for the child. But when something goes wrong in marriage why we blame men only; when he is not at fault anywhere. This is because of misandry in the society and our biased laws, to blame men everywhere just to put him down. A father is working day and night without caring about his own health and needs, just to give better education, comfortable life to his child; in short a father is always occupied to give better life to his child, he sacrifices so many things for well being of his child.

My child (son or daughter irrespective of gender) is everything for me“- have you not heard this from many fathers? But when some thing goes wrong in marriage, fathers do not have any rights on his child, since in our society mother is the janani (who gives birth to child); she is the only well wisher for child not the father !!

No one considers fathers as human beings after doing everything possible for his child. In our law also there is no such right for father. Everyone is treating the father as sperm donor, they have been used just to produce the child and have been thrown away like a condom after use.

In our courts fathers are not allowed to be with his own child. Even if court grants the visiting rights somehow the mothers don’t respect the court orders. In a court room when a child says ‘uncle‘ to his own father it gives lot of pain; only a father can understand this. The child has been brainwashed by mother saying that there is no one called father. When it comes to financials father has to look after all the expenses for the child. Father is paying the maintenance for child but he is not allowed to be with his own child.

If you are a father don’t you love your child? Every father loves his child very much and only a father can understand the feeling of being a father. Father rights are the human rights, no one should stop a father to be with his child. When no one can feel or measure the father’s love then no one should stop a father to be with his child.

When a father is missing his child ; a child is also deprived from the love of his father, a father who wants to shower love on his child always. A father who is missing upbringing of his child, taking his child to school, missing the sharing of time with his child. Fathers left with choice of suffering only. In USA a lot of research has been done on fathers and it shows fathers are indeed capable of being sensitive to a child’s needs, upbringing and can show lot of affection.

I don’t think so we are leaving in a growing, progressive world which keeps a father away from his child.


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